Belfast police ran into a bizarre situation on Saturday when they found a man in a ditch and attempted to give him a breathalyzer.

According to CBS 13, Brian Fogg allegedly punched himself in the face when he was found with his car in a ditch on the morning of Saturday, January 13. The term 'allegedly' comes into play until he goes before a judge, but we can judge too by his mug shot, and it looks like that's probably the case.

When police tried to give him a breathalyzer test, that's when he decided to beat himself up with three swift punches to his face. That answered the question of if he was drunk, so they patched him up, loaded him into the cruiser and off he went for a nice ride to the Waldo County Jail where he was charged with OUI, falsifying physical evidence and criminal mischief for other incidents leading up to him ending up in the ditch. He's out on bail.



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