When you think of New England, do you think "dangerous" at all?

Granted, Massachusetts drivers get a really bad reputation for being dangerous drivers, but still. That's mostly just anyone driving around Boston. That's the most "danger" that might come to mind when it comes to New England.

At least, it used to be. Then High Rise Financial came along and changed it all.

Ahsanization / Naseem Buras / Dan Meyers / J Dean
Ahsanization / Naseem Buras / Dan Meyers / J Dean

Most Dangerous State to Work

According to High Rise Financial, for every 100 full-time workers, an average of 2.8 of those 100 full-time workers in the country are injured each year.

And, never one to shy away from setting or break a record, New England has two states that shatter the national average, Vermont and Maine. Of the two, not only does one of those states have an almost 68% higher workplace injury rate than the national average, but that stat makes it the most dangerous state to work in across the entire U.S.

And it's Maine.

Kelly Sikkema
Kelly Sikkema

According to High Rise Financial, an average of 4.7 of every 100 full-time workers in Maine are injured every single year, compared to Vermont's 3.8 out of every 100 full-time workers -- a stat that is good enough to make Vermont tied for the second-most dangerous state in the country to work in along with Oregon.

On top of being the most dangerous state to work in, Maine also took top honors for the highest rate of injury or illness that led to a restricted workload on the job or an all-out job transfer due to the inability to fully perform a job.

No other New England states cracked the Top 10 of High Rise Financial's most dangerous states to work in list.

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