A new museum in Maine is set for their grand opening this weekend and they're planning to celebrate by giving some lucky kids an actual piece of outer space. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum in Bethel is having their grand opening celebration on Saturday, December 14th and the first 200 school age children accompanied by a parent or guardian who visit this Saturday will walk away with an authentic meteorite, a true collectors item from outer space.

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The museum itself will be filled with some extremely interesting show pieces. Some of those show pieces include the 5 largest pieces of the moon that are on display on Earth. They'll also have several pieces of Mars and the asteroid belt on display as well. The museum also boasts the largest and most comprehensive collection of gems and minerals in the entire state of Maine.

The grand opening on Saturday isn't just for kids either. Adults who attend will have a chance to enter a drawing to win a $500 gift certificate to the museum's gift shop. The Maine Mineral and Gem Museum is located at 99 Main St in Bethel. The grand opening event this Saturday kicks off at 10am.

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