Ay-uh! Wicked awesome, bub.

Maine's Patrick Dempsey sure has been busy. He was in Maine to help raise money for those affected by the mass shooting. This was right after he was named People Magazine's 'Sexiest Man Alive!' Now, the Lewiston native gets to finally be a Mainer in his new movie.

PEOPLE (by Carter Smith)
PEOPLE (by Carter Smith)

The Bangor Daily News reported that Patrick gets to use his 'natural' accent in the horror movie Thanksgiving, which you can now stream. The director of Thanksgiving, Eli Roth, is from Massachusetts. He told Fangoria Magazine that Patrick, who plays the sheriff of Plymouth, Massachusetts, asked if it was okay to use his accent he has spent years getting rid of but is always at the ready! Roth was thrilled. The trailer doesn't have a ton of Patrick, but you get to see him in uniform!

He told Roth,

I’m from there. So it tortures me when someone does the accent wrong because it’s a very difficult accent to do.

It's not hard for the Lewiston native who grew up in Turner and Buckfield to slip back into the Maine accent. Patrick goes on in the interview to say,

When I became an actor and I went to New York City, they said, ‘You have to lose that accent or you’re never going to work.’ So I worked with a vocal coach to lose my accent. ...I’ve never used my natural accent in a film before.

I love this! But I have a conflict. Thanksgiving is a comedy slasher film. Apparently in the movie, a Black Friday riot ends with a death, and a Thanksgiving-themed serial killer comes to terrorize everyone. The trailer alone gave me nightmares, but Patrick Dempsey is in it!  Maybe if I watch it in the afternoon with all the lights on...

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