A call back to simpler times

There's no point in trying to bury the headline -- the world currently is (and let's face it, has been for a while), a bit of a dumpster fire. Actually, it's a bit more of a dumpster fire that's been ignited because it was soaking in a puddle of flammable dumpster juice, and someone lit a match. Regardless of the metaphor used, you get the point.

Sometimes, you need to lean into what makes the world a mess, and other times, you need something simple and brainless as an escape. Whether it's playing video games, tossing on a movie that you know every line of so you only have to half-pay attention, throwing on your favorite music, working out -- or overanalyzing potato chips.

Reddit user 2toned88? Well, they decided to go with the very last option, taking to the internet for a deep dive on a potato chip that they felt looked exactly like the Great State of Maine.

And naturally, when you post something that significant about Maine, in a Reddit forum that is specifically all about Maine? You're going to get the most typical Maine responses ever, because that's just the Mainer way. That, and we have quite possibly the most hilarious sense of humor in the entire country (and probably even the world).

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