Meet Juniper. She's about to be on national TV!


What's Puppy Bowl anyway? According to Animal Planet:

It's the annual fur-tastic battle on the grand gridiron of Puppy Bowl Stadium. Celebrating all that is right with the world, Puppy Bowl is a competition of cute and a dedication to dogged determination.

It's just adorable with MVP (most valuable puppy) awards and even commentary from sports correspondents including the infamous Rodt Weiler.

So who is Juniper (American Staffordshire Terrier - Aemrican Bulldog / 15 weeks)  and how was she picked to be part of the adorableness?

According to the Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland,

Juniper’s mom Annabelle arrived to the ARLGP in late-June of 2017, as a very pregnant dog. Annabelle went to an amazing foster family, where she gave birth on the Fourth of July to 10 beautiful pups.


How did we pick Juniper? Well, with paws built for tackling and a zest for wrestling with her siblings, we thought Juniper would dominate the field and her opponents. We’re happy to say that Juniper, her nine siblings and mama Annabelle are all in their loving adoptive homes.

Puppy Bowl XIV will be on Animal Planet Sunday, February 4th, at 3pm. Juniper will play on Team Ruff.


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