The Maine real estate market is busy

Why the blessing? It may calm the demand down a bit since no one wants to be paying a stupidly high interest rate

The real estate market in general is absolute madness right now, and it's actually at a situation where, according to my own realtor, there is more demand than supply. The only blessing in all of this, although it won't necessarily feel like a blessing to prospective home buyers considering it will hit them harder in the wallet, is that interest rates for mortgages are on the rise. Why the blessing? It may calm the demand down a bit since no one wants to be paying a stupidly high interest rate if they're just casually searching for homes as opposed to someone who is actively looking to cut down a hypothetical 90-minute commute to work.

As someone who has averaged seeing anywhere from 5-10 houses per week for the last three months between private showings and open houses, at some point, they all blend together. All the updated kitchens and bathrooms, all the hardwood floors, all the finished basements -- they all become one because it's just flipping through listing after listing after listing.

Which is probably the reason this Illinois listing on Zillow has gone viral and should also serve as inspiration for Mainers that want to put their homes on the market.

For Sale by Owner via Zillow
For Sale by Owner via Zillow

Michael Myers from the 'Halloween' movies appears in these listing photos

A listing on Zillow for a home that's for sale by owner in Carlinville, Illinois recently went viral because Michael Myers -- the killer from the 'Halloween' movies, not the actor that starred in 'Wayne's World' and the 'Austin Powers' franchise -- appears in multiple photos in the property listing. Without a doubt, no matter how many homes you may look at, that house will absolutely standout and be memorable, and Mainers looking to sell their home should use it as inspiration.

Maine has it's own "killer" in the form of Pennywise

The movie 'IT' takes place in the fictional Maine town of Derry, which should cause light bulbs to go off in Mainers' heads who want to stand out from every other Maine home that's listed on the market right now. Instead of featuring Michael Myers in photos like the Illinois listing, how memorable would it be to feature Maine's "killer" Pennywise from the 'IT' movies in listings?

This Real Estate Listing Went Viral for Featuring 'Halloween' Character Michael Myers in Photos

Mainers listing their homes should take a page out of this listing's book and feature Pennywise from 'IT' since the movies are set in Maine!

The Price Difference Between a Condo on Washington Ave in Portland, ME, and St. Louis, MO is Astounding

I found two condominiums. One in Portland. One in St. Louis. Both in their respective cities. Similar square footage. The major difference, of course, is the ever-important location, location, location. And, even with similar square footage, Portland has one bathroom up at St. Louis. Still, the price difference is massive. Portland comes in at a whopping $1,105,000. St. Louis? An easily digestible $110,000. That’s not a typo. 

Scroll until the end to see the breakdown of comparisons. 

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