Remember early on in the pandemic when we thought it would blow over in a few weeks. And then when that didn't happen we thought by June it would improve. And here we are, the last day of August navigating schools reopening, seeing our favorite venues close, and grocery shopping with masks on taking our carts down arrowed aisles.

With so much shut down we're left to our own devices to entertain ourselves, and, let's be honest, that can often be having a drink.


The excuse for early drinking has traditionally been, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere!" but now that's evolved because 5 o'clock is now meaningless. It's just some arbitrary time and a reminder of what used to be. Just the fact that it's 2020 everywhere seems good enough reason to crack open a Corona. (Heh heh...give me a break. If I don't laugh I'll cry.)

King Eider's Pub in Damariscotta is sharing that very message outside their restaurant. So if you feel like drinking at 11 am, Eider's has got your back!

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