This wine is made from Maine rhubarb. And guess what? It's super yummy! Oh and one of the founders used to do a morning show with Lori 17 years ago!


Let's learn a little more about my former co-workers.

Some of you might remember 'The Point Morning Show with Lori and Pete'. That was 17 years ago, right down the hall from where the Q does their morning show. That Pete is Pete Dubuc.

I loved working with Pete. He's got a ton of talent, he's caring, warm and my favorite - funny as hell. He's moved on (way beyond) radio. He taught himself to play the guitar and started a band, 'Gunther Brown'. He's got tattoos and now makes wine from rhubarb. Good wine from rhubarb.

I take full credit.

Amanda O'Brien also worked in radio, behind the scenes. When you hear that term behind the scenes, it basically means the people that make everything work. She now helps small businesses grow and of course makes amazing wine. I did not do a morning show with Amanda.

Now they make 'rha'. Wine made from rhubarb! I can't stand fruity wines. I find them sweet. Yuck. I like a tart dry wine and was I blown out of the water when that's exactly what 'rha' is!


They have just started to get into stores and are expanding weekly. I am beyond happy for both Pete and Amanda. I love these guys...they are good people.  And thank God, I didn't have to fake it - their wine is amazing!

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