Wicked Witch of the West

It's a fascinating life achievement, really. Becoming so synonymous with a character you play either on television or in a movie, that regardless of the fact that you're actually not that character but a real life human, you're still seen as that character.

For example - regardless of how many other projects she's gone on to star in and crush, Jennifer Aniston will probably forever be known as 'Rachel' from the show Friends. Just like New England native Amy Jo Johnson, who will probably always be considered 'Kimberly' the Pink Ranger from the hit '90s show Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

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And in the same light, actress Margaret Hamilton more than likely won't be known or remembered for the person she was, Margaret, but instead as the role that she became infamous for almost a full decade ago -- the 'Wicked Witch of the West' in The Wizard of Oz.

Warner Bros. Entertainment via YouTube / Aerial Photographx via YouTube / Canva
Warner Bros. Entertainment via YouTube / Aerial Photographx via YouTube / Canva

Margaret Hamilton Maine

Margaret's story is interesting, though, when it comes to New England, because she actually has direct Maine ties. According to a post in the Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine group on Facebook, Margaret (for clarification, as actual Margaret, not any kind of witch that was wicked) owned a home on Cape Island just off Southport.

According to a story once told by Margaret's son, while she was performing in shows in Brunswick, she discovered that the Coast Guard was selling lighthouses, so she purchased the Cape Island home and, according to the Island Institute, vacationed there during the summers between 1961 and 1985.

But the aforementioned post on the Old Pictures of Forgotten Maine group on Facebook led to her getting roasted, because part of the caption referenced the Wicked Witch of the West being a Mainer.

Big mistake, according to the comments section of the post.

'Moving to Maine does not make you a Mainer. But good for her.' - Ben Monaghan

'...Having a summer home in Maine doesn't make you a Mainer!!' - Jason Brown

'Ya gotta have 4 generations in the ground to be a true Mainer.' - George Burton

'You're only a Mainer if you were born here. Interesting info though.' - Melissa Anne Adams

'She was from Swampscott Mass and went to Wheelock College in Boston... She had a house in Maine, she was a vacationer.' - Christopher King

Brutal, and a tad salty -- but, honestly, you have to respect and appreciate the pride Mainers have for our state and being from here as opposed to "from away."

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