"Vacationland." "Welcome Home." "The Way Life Should Be."

All are either references to Maine or messages written on signs letting you know that you've entered Maine on the Turnpike or another entryway. And while most, if not all, states tend to have cutesy little sayings like this, few are as true as Maine's. And the proof was on full display yesterday morning at the Maine State House in Augusta, bub.

CBS 13's Mal Meyer was at the State House

Yesterday, CBS 13 reporter Mal Meyer was on the road in Augusta, crushing the news coverage that our friends at WGME are known to do, when he ran into a bit of an issue as he was getting ready to leave.

Naturally, like us Mainers do, in between offering legitimate suggestions to help, commenters also poked a bit of fun at Mal for apparently not knowing how to change a flat (or at least being equipped to.)

"The manual, which would normally be in the glove box, should cover how to change the tire." - Twitter user @xto9074


"Never too old to learn a life skill." - Twitter user @ErikGagnon78


"My 22 year old daughter knows how to change a tire...just sayin." - Twitter user @NunyaBizznazzz

Maine Senate President Troy Jackson to the rescue

Somehow, word got back to Maine Senate President Troy Jackson, and he wasted no time in hopping outside, jeans and all, to get right to work in helping Mal out.

And cranking away with a tire iron isn't the only thing that the Good Senator did, because it turned out the problem ended up being a little more involved than first thought, according to the quick coverage CBS 13 provided.

Maine: The Way Life Should Be. Where Senate Presidents Wield Sledgehammers On A Tuesday.

Name another state where this would happen. It's okay, we'll wait.

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