Amie Bailey of Bridgton got a big surprise on Sunday night when a customer left her a $1000 tip.

Now she just wants the generous person to know how much it helped her.

Amie works at The Olde Mill Tavern in Harrison where she is the floor manager. On Sunday evening she went to pick up one of her customer's checks and saw a tip of $1000 left on a bill of just $116.

While most people tip from 15 to 20 percent of the bill, this generous woman tipped 862%!

Amie posted a picture of the check and said on her Facebook page that it couldn't have come a better time.

"Logan has been sick all week and I happen to miss a few shifts and money has certainly been tight." she writes. "It couldn't have come at any better of a time. THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Amie was unable to thank the woman personally as most people who leave large tips like this just quietly leave it on the table and walk out.

She posted it to Facebook in hopes that someone would help her find the woman so that she knows how much the tip was appreciated.

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