If the last 6 months have felt like one extremely long cold front hovering over the top of Maine, that's because it was. While the bitter cold stayed away for the most part this past winter, so did the random 60 degree days. Spring hasn't proved to be any better, with middling temperatures and very chilly nights. So if you've been waiting patiently for some heat to arrive, it appears you won't have to wait much longer.

Shared on Twitter by Keith Carson, long range forecast models are all beginning to align, promising a major warm-up for the majority of Maine next week. As Carson prefaces in his tweet, it doesn't seem to be a question of whether we'll see a warm up next week, but rather HOW WARM. Low 60's? That seems to be the safe bet for central and southern Maine. Low 70's? If you're a gambler, you might hit big with that bet.

When the heat arrives exactly is also a tricky game of pin the tail on the donkey. Forecast models right now suggest a Wednesday through Friday bake session. Anybody who has lived in Maine for a good amount of time knows that weather forecasts can change quickly, meaning the warmth could show up early or late. Either way, it's likely going to be embraced with open arms as people put away their winter shovels and tires and say hello to spring with a few outdoor activities that don't cause frostbite.

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