Did you know that there are more than 35 State Parks right here in Maine? I had no idea! If I had to guess, I would have put that number around 12-15. Even more proof that Maine is an amazing place!

According to the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands, Maine has 42 State Parks, protected areas, recreational waterways, and islands under state administration. That's about four summers' worth of weekend trips!

Some state parks might sound familiar, like Sebago Lake State Park, or Lily Bay State Park. Others might leave you scratching your head... like the "Colonial Pemaquid State Historic Site," and the "Mahmakanta Public Reserved Land."

Each state park is just as cool as the next, and all of them have something to offer.

Use the Maine State Website here to find a state park near you. You can even sort by "less than a tank of gas" from your location.

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