Michael Smith of Norridgewock works the night shift, so he sleeps during the day.

Little did he know that a tree crew hired by a utility company to clear trees from his property would show up at 10 a.m. this past Tuesday.

When Smith was awaken by the sounds of chainsaws and other running equipment he went outside to tell the crew from Lucas Tree Experts to leave.  Smith was shirtless when he did so.

The  element of this story that is odd is that Michael Smith has a tattoo of a handgun on his stomach.  It actually looks like the handgun is stuffed into the waistband of his pants.

Awhile later Smith was awakened once again, this time by the Maine State Police at his front door, backed up by other officers stationed behind the snowbanks with assault rifles.

In an article from Online Sentinel, Maine State Police Trooper Scott Duff said, "Obviously it was a misunderstanding and he didn’t have a weapon, but we had to respond to the initial report as if he did. We take all precautions when we don’t have the details.”

No charges will be filed.

Smith thankfully added, "I got plans today. I didn’t want to get shot."