Maine has many unsolved missing person cases, some that have gone unsolved for decades. That doesn't mean police have given up hope though.

The Maine State Police posted on their Facebook page two missing person cases on the anniversary of the date they went missing in hopes that someone may have some information that could lead to finding them or at least what happened to them.

On June 2, 1971, 3-year-old Douglass Chapman went missing after playing outside in a sand pile a short distance from his home in Alfred. He has never been seen since and would be 49-years-old today.



On June 2, 1986, 65-year-old Philip Letarte left his home in Woodland and never returned. He was said to be on his way to a gas station to buy cigarettes. Someone spotted a man matching his description the next day, but still remains missing. He would be 96-years-old today.



The search for answers continues.

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