Maine State Troopers are used to dealing with people who might by uncooperative when they are being arrested, but a pig? That's a new one.

Police received a call on Wednesday about a pig that was wandering around Mile 155 of Interstate 95 near Palmrya. This particular pig had been spotted several times over the past few days but kids in the pig scramble at the Fryebrug Fair are much more successful at catching a pig than anyone trying to catch this one was.

The pig's time was up on Wednesday. It took three men, Cpl. Rick Moody, Trooper Jeremy Caron and an animal control officer to finally capture the elusive pig and even then, he resisted arrest.

The three were finally able to load him up and take him away to a place where motorists will be a lot safer. We aren't sure of the fate of the pig, but you might want to take a pause and reflect the next time you're eating your breakfast of eggs and bacon.



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