I swear I learn something new every day.

Did you know that the entire TJX Company allows you to bring your dogs, big or small, into their stores with you while you shop?

TJX is an umbrella company that has many different national department stores within it that you're most likely familiar with.

I LOVE a good bargain, so going to TJMAXX is like mental health therapy for me. Ever since my mom used to take me there as a kid to pick out "two things", every time it always turned into 6 haha (the power of being a cute kid with a puppy dog face).

Recently, I found out that the sister stores of TJMAXX in Maine, are dog-friendly!! WHAT? HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS!!


Which TJX Stores Are Dog-Friendly in Maine?

1. Sierra
This is an awesome outdoor apparel and athletic equipment store that actually has an awesome section of pet supplies. There's a new (ish) location in South Portland, Maine, that opened up recently for the first time.

2. Homegoods
Need kitchen appliances, bedroom rug, or picture frames? Bring the pup in to help you decide on your new kitchen theme.

3. Marshalls
Which is basically a sister to TJMAXX but with a better shoe selection if you ask me.

THE KING OF ALL KINGS. If you're a "maxinista" like me, you already know the best locations in Maine with the best clothing selections. I swear by this, the Brunswick location gets THE BEST hauls usually every Tuesday and Thursday. Oh my god, I'm bad.

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