Maine's Pizza Passion

Mainers seem like passionate people, so I can't say I'm surprised. Mainers seem loyal and like they stick to their guns. Respect the Maine way or GTFO (google it if you don't understand the acronym). I get it. I respect it. But I didn't realize talking about trying a pizza place I've not only seen all over Maine but heard so much about was going to become an exploding volcano.

I also didn't realize that my pizza palate apparently sucks. At least, that's what you may or may not have told me within the last couple of days.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Pat's Pizza in Maine

A couple of days ago, I mentioned that for the first time in my life, with high expectations based on all the good things I heard about Pat's Pizza, I tried it with my college roommate while he was visiting for the weekend. We both happened to love it. We thought the buffalo chicken dip was out of this world, and we both thought the pizza was really good, too.

That said, I understand people like different kinds of pizza. Some like sweet sauce, some like a more savory sauce, some like no sauce. Some like a doughy crust, others like a crispy crust. Some like a more Italian style of pizza, others prefer a more Greek style. And usually, there's no real wrong answer. You like what you like and that's your choice and it's all good.

Ivan Torres
Ivan Torres

Apparently, I SUPER underestimated the passion that Mainers have for pizza. Because in my head, what I thought would be seen as "Oh cool, this dude moved to Maine and is enjoying it and trying local food and hyping it up" was digested the exact opposite. One of the comments on Facebook?

"If you actually liked Pat's Pizza then you have the pallete of a five year old." - Scott Anderson

Maybe Scott's right. Maybe I do have the palate of a five-year-old. Or maybe I'm just super easy to please. I remember moving out to Tulsa, Oklahoma a few years back and the first BBQ place I tried, I literally said out loud to the bartender, "Holy s*** this is the best BBQ I've ever had." Their response? "You're definitely not from here then because this is some of the worst BBQ in the area."

So, in my defense, it holds up that I can move to a new place, try some of their local food I've never had, and be impressed by it. But, the "move to a new place" part brings up another lesson I learned in the comments section of Facebook. (Thankfully the internet never lies.)

The Portland Head Light at sunrise just outside of Portland, Maine.
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Even though I live in Maine, I'm not a Mainer

I grew up and have basically lived in New Hampshire my whole life, outside of living a few years in Mass and the earlier mentioned quick Tulsa stay. So, not that far away, but also not in Maine. And I learned from some gracious actual Mainers or residents of Maine (since I know there's a difference now) that unlike residents of New Hampshire are all considered Granite Staters, it doesn't work like that in Maine. Some were super nice about it:

"Just a tip: Living in Maine doesn't make you a Mainer. That term brings up a lot of feelings, so be careful. Try Maine resident, or something similar, to be safer." - Angelica Booker

And others definitely flexed their actual Mainer muscles (as they should, I love the pride that actual Mainers have for being, well, actual Mainers):

"First line: 'It's been just over a month since I moved into my new house and became an official Mainer.' This 'blogger' thinks he's an expert on all things Maine after 40 days." - Holli Erickson Hutchins
"Definitely a real Mainer after 30 whole days…" - Peter Labrecque
"An official WHAT? Wait till your power goes out in an ice storm and you have to walk to the store but you forgot to buy boots or a shovel." - Margaret Salt Mclellan
So, to the Mainers and Maine residents that took the time to read and comment on my original post about trying Pat's Pizza and loving it, thanks for all the lessons! The lesson on not to call myself a Mainer if I don't want to get stabbed 5 weeks into being a Maine resident, and for all the pizza places you recommended I try now that I live in Vacationland! Definitely not a Mainer though. Just a resident.

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