Mainer Meredith Steele, better known to her over 750,000 TikTok followers as babiesofsteele, has been making the rounds this holiday season spreading some pretty amazing cheer.

You may remember her when she called into the Q Morning Show when we were asking what famous person they were related to, and I kind of crushed her when she said she was related to Tom Thumb and said he was a fictional character.

Turns out we were both right Meredith.

Since "the incident" we teamed up with Meredith on The Q Morning Show to help Secret Santa hand out $100 bills to unsuspecting people in hopes that they would do something nice for someone else in return. Here happy and bubbly personality is a lot easier for people to handle from random strangers giving them cash than it would be if I was handing them a $100 bill.

Meredith has spread even more joy to unsuspecting people thanks to her 750,000+ followers. She calls it the Venmo Challenge (aka "Flenmo Challenge") and her followers Venomed money to a dedicated account that she uses to surprise restaurant servers.

She surprised the only two servers who were working at the A1 Diner in Gardiner by giving each of them $1000 in cash. The reactions are priceless.

I have a feeling she's not done yet. As much as I did enjoy teasing her about Tom Thumb, she's doing good stuff for good people and using her success on TikTok to make it happen. That's the pure definition of paying it forward and an amazing thing to see this time of year.

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