Learn that Mainers are never busy - they are out straight. If a Mainer is really busy, they are right out straight!


Troy and Mark are actually local comedians James Theberge and Ian Stuart. Written, directed and edited by Ian, the "Welcome to Maine" team thought it was time to teach 'flatlanders' how to talk with a Maine accent.

The "Welcome to Maine" crew have covered the Portland Headlight, the Desert of Maine, Moxie, the B&M Baked Bean Factory, a pot dispensary and even Eartha. You never know where Troy and Mark will show up to educate you about the great state of Maine.

For this episode of 'Welcome to Maine' they really dug deep. To find the subtleties of the Maine accent. For example, the French influence of Biddeford, Lewiston and Madawaska - and how the accent is worse when they are drunk. Apparently, they are always drunk!

James and Ian perform on The Maine Comedy All Stars shows together and can be found weekly at Stroudwater Distillery every Thursday at 7pm for live, socially distanced, stand up comedy.

Hey Bub...they ah wicked funny!



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