Dear Jerk,

I try to keep it positive as much as possible on here, so I guess in that regard, you were positively a selfish jerk on the Maine Turnpike this morning.

You were driving a white Chevy Silverado on the northbound side of the Turnpike with a big white trailer in tow. Hopefully, you weren't driving anything important, because Heaven forbid there was an actual living animal or anything in there -- you clearly showed that you care more about yourself than anything or anyone else.

While you were in the middle lane, driving through the wet roads and mist from the rain this morning, I was coming up on your left, with nothing but a guardrail next to me. And as I started coming up on your bumper, you started swerving into the left lane, forcing me to get even closer to the guardrail.

Now, before I just sound like an impossible human, I get that sometimes things happen. Winds gust. Tires hydroplane. Accidents happen. Thankfully, there wasn't an accident that happened this morning, but if there was, it wouldn't have been an accident.

Because as I passed you once you decided to stop hogging half of the Turnpike, I looked up and saw the reason you swerved into my lane -- the "thing" that happened was you, holding your phone about 6 inches from your face, looking fully down at your screen attempting to text.

Unless you were reading an emergency message from a family member or friend, at the end of the day, you were just being straight-up selfish. The only thing that clearly mattered to you on the road this morning in not ideal conditions -- and granted, we live in New England so we're pros at driving through stupid weather, but it still wasn't ideal this morning -- was you and your phone and whoever was on the other end.

The thing that gets me the most -- your Silverado looked like it was a newer model, so I'd be willing to bet that you have hands-free capability in your truck for that very purpose -- voice-to-text. Hell, it's literally how I was communicating with people while making the very same drive at the very same time.

Next time, especially in not the best weather where people easily drive on the Turnpike going 90 mph sometimes since the speed limit is 70 -- maybe think more about what you're doing on the road. Because at the end of the day, seeing what I've seen over the years while driving, what my mother told me when I first started driving holds true:

"You're not just driving a vehicle. You're driving a 5,000-pound weapon."

Be smarter and safer next time, Jerk. So that next time, you don't have to be addressed as Jerk.

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