You just bought your brand-new dream car. It's the car you've wanted for years now, and you're ready to add your own accessories, starting with window tinting. But not so fast! Is window tinting legal here in the state of Maine?

The short answer is yes, but it has some restrictions you need to follow if you're going to tint your windows.

Maine Title 29-A, chapter 17, subchapter 1 section 1916 is where you'll find all the rules and regulations for reflective and tinted glass on your vehicle. It's not exactly in plain English, so let's break the rules down here to make it easier to understand:

  • The State of Maine does not allow any windows in your vehicle to have any reflective material.
  • The windshield cannot be covered or treated with anything that reduces the light through the windshield more than it did when it was made at the factory.
  • Side and rear windows must let in at least 35% of light.
  • A front windshield, front door window, or window at either end of a rear passenger seat must have glass that allows drivers or passengers to have a clear view of the road and a clear view inside the vehicle from outside it.

One of the biggest issues with tinted windows is that you can't see inside the car if less than 35% of light passes through. That's a dangerous situation for law enforcement if they approach a vehicle that they can't see into. They have no idea how many people are in the car, or what is happening in there as they approach.

This video goes over everything you need to do to comply with Maine's window tinting laws. The narrator though sounds like AI. Either that or he's not very good at narration.

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