Britney Spears Moving to Boston

Throughout her entire career, Britney Spears has been no stranger to making headlines when it comes to New England, but that's mainly because of her announced tour dates that have generally run through Boston.

In a few instances, she's hit other New England cities on tour, like Worcester, Massachusetts, Mansfield, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, and Manchester, New Hampshire, but for the most part, when Britney was on tour, she hit the Bean.

That said, she made headlines once again when, at the end of an Instagram rant about rumors about her not being true and hurting her ankle, she randomly said she was moving to Boston.

Britney Spears via Instagram
Britney Spears via Instagram

Britney Spears New Hampshire

As referenced above, Britney is no stranger to New Hampshire, having performed in Manchester at the venue formerly known as the Verizon Wireless Arena back in the day.

And while she got slight sample of what the 603 is like, depending on where she stayed and what she did all those years ago before and after her Manchester show, that was hardly even a taste of what New Hampshire could provide her on a full time basis.

Britney Spears via Instagram, Google Maps
Britney Spears via Instagram, Google Maps

That said, much like it was highlighted how Britney has never been to Maine, Britney hasn't truly experienced New Hampshire, and if she did, she may realized this could be a much better New England destination to move to instead of constantly being highlighted like she would be in Boston.

And, like there was a list provided of 5 spots in Maine that Britney could move to instead of living in one of the biggest cities in the country...

Here Are 5 New Hampshire Destinations for Britney Spears to Move to

Not being in the spotlight of a major city like Boston may be better for her all around.

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