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Throughout her entire career, Britney Spears has been no stranger to making headlines when it comes to New England, but that's mainly because of her announced tour dates that have generally run through Boston.

In a few instances, she's hit other New England cities on tour, like Worcester, Massachusetts, Mansfield, Massachusetts, Providence, Rhode Island, and Manchester, New Hampshire, but for the most part, when Britney was on tour, she hit the Bean.

That said, she made headlines once again when, at the end of an Instagram rant about rumors about her not being true and hurting her ankle, she randomly said she was moving to Boston.

Britney Spears via Instagram
Britney Spears via Instagram

Maybe Boston made a big impression on Britney throughout the years when she toured through the city? It makes sense if you think about it -- delicious food, great areas to walk and clear your mind, one of the most equally loved and hated accents in the world, randomly being told you're number one with help from a middle finger by a stranger -- it's a well-rounded spot.

But in that list above of New England areas Britney has toured through, there's one glaring missing piece.

Eivaisla / Britney Spears via Instagram
Eivaisla / Britney Spears via Instagram

Has Britney Spears Ever Visited Maine?

Simple answer: no.

In fact, the only thing that pops up when you Google search "Britney Spears Maine," "Britney Spears in Maine," or anything like it, is headlines from Maine news sites about Britney. But, apparently, she's never once in her travels to Boston or Manchester, made the quick trek north to Vacationland.

But what if she did? Follow along.

Britney Spears via Instagram / Photo by todd kent on Unsplash / Eivaisla
Britney Spears via Instagram / Photo by todd kent on Unsplash / Eivaisla

Britney Spears Instagram

If you take a peek at Britney's Instagram, it's a mixture of random pictures, memes, and videos of her dancing. But the one thing it's not? Following her every move and location.

Even in the dancing videos, the camera is always in the same spot, showing the same background view. Unlike other celebrities, she doesn't tag her location ever -- she doesn't even toss a quickie post up on her story like "OMG JUST BOUGHT A MOCHA FRAPPA WHATEVER THE HELL AT MY FAVORITE COFFEE SHOP, Y'ALL!"

Basically, she's been giving real lowkey vibes lately, meaning maybe she's ready to live a lowkey life. That said, instead of moving to Boston where the spotlight will shine on her, what if she moved to Maine for a more under-the-radar existence?

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