Amazing. Recently, I wrote about how Boston, Massachusetts, was ranked the 4th best city in the world to find the most attractive men, according to Now, I just found a list for the girlies too. Yourtango also ranked Boston in the top five cities for the most attractive humans, but at #3 for having the most attractive ladies. I agreed with the ranking they gave the dudes at #4, which you can read all about here, and I'm gonna have to agree on this ranking for the ladies too.

I've always been a girl's girl, so when I see a beautiful lady, I'll tell her she's a beautiful lady (in a very platonic, compliment-type of way). I see tons of beautiful ladies in Boston, which I'll disclaim right now, as I lived there for about eight years after I went to college.

Anyways, Manhattan, New York, takes the top spot for having the most attractive women, which I can't speak on. Santa Monica, California, comes in at #2, which I also can't speak on, but from everything Instagram shows us, I'll have to agree. I'm so glad Miami is in the top five on this list, because that city would have been my #1 pick. Miami comes in at #4, which is still a power ranking in the top five. After Miami, the list goes Cleveland, Ohio, Queens, New York, Tampa, Florida, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. What do you guys think?

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