The holidays just got even brighter after this Maine waitress received a massive tip during one of her shifts.

According to WGME, Rosie Rivera was working at the Offshore Restaurant in Rockport when a group of 19 people were seated in her section.

It was most likely business as usual, with the exception that it was such a large group. And you can probably imagine the hustle that has to go into getting people their food at restaurants during this time of season. It's definitely a nonstop of work.

But it was when the 19 were done with their breakfast that Rosie got the biggest surprise.

The news station reported that a tip of $1,740 was left for her, and at first, she thought it was mistake.

But when she learned it wasn't, she told WGME that it was "a Christmas miracle. It really was."

Can you imagine? What an amazing moment for her.

Turns out, the group of people wanted to spread a little Christmas cheer and had been looking for a restaurant and waitress to deliver their good deed to. And they enjoyed doing it so much, the news station stated, that they plan to do it for another hardworking Mainer next year.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget amongst all the family visiting, gift getting, and seasonal merriment, that members of the service industry, whether that's retail workers, servers, etc., are working extra hard during the holidays. Many of them having to work late or double-shifts or even sometimes on those actual holidays.

So it's fantastic that Rosie was able to get some Christmas cheer and a little extra cash for herself this holiday season.

What's the largest tip you've ever left at a restaurant? Will you be leaving a big tip for the holidays?

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