OKAY. Sit down, you're not ready. Well, actually no, some of you I'm sure have already figured this out.

BUT if you're anything like me and have gotten caught off guard at the register in Walmart because you couldn't use your Apple Pay, then I'm about to tell you there's even more to the story than you'd think.

I had an entire cart full of things at the Scarborough location that had gotten rung up and bagged only to find out that using my phone to pay for it all was not an option.

Yes, I had to leave it all behind like a child who forgot their mother's debit card inside the grocery store. When I researched this, I was shocked to find out that Maine is on a list of Walmart locations that don't use Apple Pay.

In fact, no Walmart across America accepts Apple Pay. It's not a matter of them updating their systems to keep up with the times, they just simply don't allow it. They're just uninterested in joining the fad.

Why doesn't Walmart Use Apple Pay?

According to digitaltrends.com, Walmart will never be interested in any other form of mobile payment besides their own; Walmart Pay which is located on their own app.

"Walmart once claimed that Walmart Pay is more popular than Apple Pay"

- A statement from digitaltrends.com.

Considering this was a quick hit statement from Walmart in 2017 which probably did have a shelf life for a little there, I can't imagine it's anywhere near the truth anymore.


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