It's finally felt like spring in Maine

Depending upon how you look at it, you've either been thriving this week with the weather that Maine has had, or been hating the fact that just this past weekend, it was in the 80s (and even near 90s inland) and felt like summer. Because while we've had more sun than clouds this entire week and been steadily in the 60s or even low 70s on occasion with no rain, some are missing the heat we felt Saturday and Sunday.

Memorial Day Weekend kicks off summer in Maine

Obviously, in between remembering those we've lost and who paid the ultimate sacrifice to allow us the opportunity to do what we do every single day, we also tend to celebrate the weekend as the unofficial kickoff to summer. It's when we open pools, break out the grills, and just act like it's summer no matter what the weather forecast says -- especially in Maine, when "the hounds are released" and visitors start coming in droves.

Scott Goodwill
Scott Goodwill

That said, speaking of the weather forecast...

News Center Maine's Keith Carson says the weather in Maine is "****ing classic"

While our friends at CBS 13 are reporting this weekend's weather for Memorial Day weekend to be in the 70s with a mix of sun, clouds, and possible thunderstorms (at least on Saturday), News Center Maine meteorologist Keith Carson looked ahead to what next week's weather looks like, and his reaction is priceless.

Are you excited we're not going to bake like the rest of the east, or do you wish we were getting those beach temps right off the bat next week since it'll officially turn into June?

When the summer temps arrive in Maine, here are 12 activities your kids will want to do

Kids enjoy a lot of things but for summertime fun, it all comes down to 5 groups; amusement/water parks, animals, sports, learning, and the beautiful outdoors. If you're looking for some serious family fun this summer, start checking these off your bucket list.

But before summer comes, here are 30 spring activities Mainers love

When the weather finally turns in our favor, live Maine spring to the fullest with these activities!

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