This was one of the most incredible things I've ever experienced.

This past Monday, we started a brand new contest on Q97.9 called "The Taylor Twister." An hour later, it was over. All because of two Maine women who are clearly massive Swifties -- so you love to see it.

Holly Weeks
Holly Weeks

Taylor Twister Contest

The whole idea with the Taylor Twister was taking clips of 13 Taylor Swift songs and mashing them all up back-to-back within 13 seconds. The first listener to call in and correctly guess every single song that was included in the Taylor Twister in order would win a pair of sold-out tickets to see Taylor at Gillette Stadium on May 20th.

Think of that for a second. THIRTEEN SONGS. THIRTEEN SECONDS. (Obviously, all in honor of Taylor being obsessed with the number 13.)

You'd think that would at least take a couple of days, considering we had plans to post the Taylor Twister on our Q97.9 app and the Q website so listeners would be able to play it over and over to try and figure it out.

Except, we didn't get that far. Not even close.

Opening Night of Taylor Swift | The Eras Tour
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Holly Weeks in Biddeford, Maine

The very first time we played the Taylor Twister yesterday morning was at 7:30a. And considering it was being played just off the heels of Lori and Jeff announcing that they're moving to 94.9 HOM to host the morning show there starting Monday, May 15 -- there was a chance everyone was way too distracted to even pay full attention to the Taylor Twister.

At 8:30a, for only the second time, we played the Taylor Twister again. Holly in Biddeford and her daughter Kate were the first to get through to try and solve the Taylor Twister. (For what it's worth, I heard this happening live while I was getting out of the shower, and I couldn't even remember the 13 songs in order -- and I'm the one that created it!)

What followed was Holly calmly rattling off all the above 13 songs in order, winning the tickets, and ending our major contest for the week. After just one hour. Absolutely incredible! (And absolutely heart attack-inducing since we had to pivot real quick.)

BUT. That's not the last Taylor Swift hookup you'll have on The Q.

Taylor Swift in California

Starting this Monday, May 15, we'll have TWO CHANCES for you to get to Santa Clara, California to see Taylor Swift sold out. And you'll need our app for both opportunities.

Not only are we bringing back the Tay Tay Double Play for your shot to see her in Cali, but we're also giving you a chance to tell us why you love Q97.9 so much and why you love Taylor Swift so much to see her in Cali, too. All with the voice message feature on our app.

Tay Tay May rolls on all month long on The Q! Make sure you're our next winner starting this Monday, May 15!

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