If you've never said Rabbit! Rabbit! at the turn of a new month, you might want to start 2021 with a bit more luck than 2020.

Scott Nash, a Mainer by way of Massachusetts, is an amazing illustrator. If you don't think you know Scott's work - he does more than just books. Ever watch Nickelodeon or Comedy Central? He created those logos. He's everywhere. We all know Flat Stanley!

Scott had a close friend who would say Rabbit! Rabbit! at the start of a new month. Scott tried to remember to do it, but he rarely remembered. The tale is that saying Rabbit! Rabbit! gives you luck for the upcoming month! Tom left this earth way too early and this calendar is 'a remembrance of a gift from Tom'.

Shinebolt Angela Smith

I'm a fan of good luck. At the stroke of midnight, when a new year starts, I eat lucky beans (black eyed peas to be exact). I always say Rabbit! Rabbit! at the start of a new month.

This calendar will always help me remember to share the luck. Maybe you'd like to share the luck too! Grab your calendar from Shinebolt - a local company with a goal of helping artists and spreading joy.

Shinebolt Angela Smith



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