Shane Grant was pulled over and a Maine State Trooper charged him with obstruction for honking his horn.


Shane couldn't believe that the trooper pulled him over for honking. He was honking at a car that was pushing him into the other lane. The video that Shane posted back in April shows that it was contentious with LOTS of swearing!



Shane Grant called us to give us an update on what happened when they went to court:

...I went in and plead not guilty and then um, they called me back into court and no contest because they realized they didn't have any evidence. There's no law saying you cant' honk your horn in traffic. The laws that they tried to throw at me, weren't pretaining to noise ordinances or anything like that - so they threw it out.


When asked if this was expensive to fight, he said it didn't cost him anything except a day off from work. But it was definitely worth it.


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