Shane Grant posted this video to his YouTube page on April 17th after he was pulled over by a Maine State Trooper for allegedly honking his horn at another driver to avoid a collision. The video has been viewed over 31,000 times.

The description on the video says "In an attempt to change lanes, I had to use my horn to signal another driver that I was coming over in order to miss the back end of his cruiser, that was half in the right side lane and 1/2 in the breakdown Lane. He then took it upon himself to charge me with obstruction of government administration, failure to show ID, failure to show insurance, and failure to control a motor vehicle."

In the video the Trooper repeatedly asks the driver to get out of the vehicle which the driver refuses to do. At that point the Trooper attempts to cover the camera with his hand which seems to knock it out of the drivers grasp and from there all we can see is the view through the windshield, but the audio is still rolling and picks up the sounds of the escalating situation. There is some NSFW language towards the 5:45 mark of the video where it sounds like the driver was pulled from the vehicle and becomes very agitated.

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