If you know Maine, you know Maine loves sarcasm. There's no one that enjoys roasting people more -- whether it's out of fun or straight-up vitriol -- than OG Mainers and Maine residents.

And that couldn't have been more true than the responses to a post in the Portland, Maine group on Facebook by a man named Pete Webber.

Portland, Maine Chipotle

Pete admits right off the bat in his post that he's venting about something that frustrates him about the Portland, Maine location for Chipotle and their hours (or lack thereof, really.)

Ok, just gonna vent here. Is there any Chipotle in Greater Portland that stays open later [than] 6PM? So annoying when I get that craving. Also, I long for the old Granny’s Burritos…

And almost as soon as the post hit Facebook, it was feeding time for the Maine Sarcasm Sharks.

Creative Headline
Creative Headline

"Pregnancy is tough." - Bez Kargar

"Hannaford is open until 9pm." - Edward Michael Babbitt III

"Be a man and go to taco bell." - Joey Pasqualina

There is more of a plus to Pete's post, though, other than laughs over a solid Maine roasting. Because in the typical Mainer way of always trying to lend a helping hand, some killer recommendations for solid Mexican food were also dropped in the comments section as well.

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