Taylor is from Auburn. She was just cleaning up and decided to Git Up and clean - and it's a hit!

Taylor has listened to the Q her whole life and is going viral in just a couple of days with her take on the Git Up Challenge. You might remember that the Q Morning show did their own version of this song with over 600,000 views!

In just two days Taylor's video has close to 300,000 views on Facebook...but it all started on Instagram!


Now, this is a great video - how great? Blanco Brown, the dude who created the hit song Git Up contacted Taylor. He commented on her Instagram post with smiley faces!

How do you know it's Blanco himself? He has the blue check mark that says - you are legit!

This challenge is so stupid fun. I don't know why country little instructional songs are so much fun - but they are!

Well done Taylor. A clean room AND a viral video is the best combination going!

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