There are two things you should know about me before reading the rest of this:
1. I am no survivalist. I can't build a fire even in the best circumstances. I've gone camping a couple of times but never for an extended period of time. What can I say? I really like indoor plumbing.
2. I'm obsessed with Discovery Channel's Naked and Afraid.

It isn't even the type of show I would seek out. I'm pretty sure one night I was just looking for something to watch and the title caught my eye. I've been hooked ever since. In fact, watching Naked and Afraid is how I spend most of my Sundays as the Discovery Channel typically runs a marathon leading up to the new episode of the week.

If you've never seen the show, most episodes involve two people; a man, and a woman, meeting up somewhere remote and living and surviving together while naked for 21 days.

I've seen countless people quit, some get kicked out for cheating (attempting to get food from the crew's nearby camp), and others forced to leave due to health concerns. You never really know what to expect and each episode is different.

Maine's very own Ryan Holt has been on the show three times thus far. One being a 40-day challenge.

At just 29 years of age, Holt has already served in the Marine Corps, hiked the entire Appalachian Trail, on top of all his survival work according to the Bangor Daily News. So, where does he go from here? Naked and Afraid answered that call.

Their new special series is Naked and Afraid: Alone. Keeping with the premise of the show that you're naked and surviving in a remote location, this special, as the title implies, leaves contestants alone making for an even harder mental game.

Countless players leave shortly after their partner leaves simply because the mental strain of being hungry, cold, thirsty, etc and not having anyone there for support can feel like an impossible task.

Ryan's episode is scheduled to air on Sunday the 26th starting with a 2-hour special at 8 pm highlighting his accomplishments of his previous 3 episodes with interviews and insight from Ryan himself, followed by his 1-hour episode at 10 pm.

The Q Morning show is excited to talk to Ryan about what we can expect in the episode this Friday! Don't miss it! Do you have any burning questions that we should ask him? Message us on The Q App!

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