Have you ever stopped to think about what working in your birthday suit at your job would feel like? Most likely not, because that's a wild thought. However, Mainers had some opinions on this question.

This morning, on Krissy In The Morning, the topic of the show turned into the question "What would the worst job to have to work while naked be? In your opinion."

Here are the top 10 answers that came in based off of how uncomfortable residents in Maine would feel if they had to perform these jobs in their birthday suits. The answers are in order from the amount they were said by Q97.9 listeners, with a Welder taking the top spot at #1.

1.Welder- I mean, fair. I can't imagine continuously getting burned on your bare skin.
2.Fry Cook- Right in the same ballpark as a welder. Catching those grease pops on your skin is worse than a re-run of your least favorite movie playing in the background.
3.Teacher- Imagine standing in front of a whole classroom trying to teach them geometry with your own square showing?
4.Schoolbus Driver- All I can think about here is going over the speed bumps a little too fast.
5.Lobsterman- The most Maine-themed career I've ever heard of. Pulling up lobster traps off the side of a fishing boat with no britches on? At what point do you become your own bait?
6. Linemanworker- I mean, imagine climbing up a pole with your own pole out?
7. Ice scream scooper- I can't even begin to understand the amount of puns that would come from this one. Please don't instigate me. Two scoops, please.
8. CEO of a company- Good luck trying to get your employees to listen to you in your birthday suit rather than your Armani suit. Actually, maybe they'll respect it, who knows?
9. Basketball Player- A whole different definition of a three-pointer.
10. Bartender- I MEAN.

Here's some more random jobs that would probably hurt your ego if you tried to do them nakey, according to Mainers on our Facebook:

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WJBQ Facebook

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