Sydney grew up in Richmond and thanks to her Instagram account, she's doing great things in her singing career - including a new video!

It was almost exactly a year ago we met Sydney (yes...just Sydney...think Cher only decades younger). She grew up in Richmond and was approached a couple of years ago by DaCav because of her Instagram account. They asked her to be featured on some tracks and then - she was so impressive, they asked her to join the band!

She was also given a beat for 'No Time'. Just a beat, and told to do something with it. She wrote her parts and they are REALLY GOOD! They recorded in New Jersey and just released 'No Time'.

Sydney is venturing out on her own and still doing some great stuff for DaCav. But this is her latest: '100'


Do you think the video has a familiar feeling? It should - it's 100% Maine! The videographer, the props, the car, the dancers (Red Claw Dancers!) and locations. The beach and arcade scenes are in Old Orchard Beach and the boat scene is at the DiMillo's pier!

Plus, Sydney directed the video herself! It's great a big moment for her and we are big fans of this little power house!


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