Sydney, from Richmond Maine, is well on her way to the pop charts. Her latest was so hot, it set off fire alarms.


If you aren't familiar with Sydney, she is an extremely talented singer from Maine, working on making it in the toughest business out there - the music industry. She is very connected to her Maine roots and shot her latest video, 'Had Enough' in Raymond.


The dancer in the studio is Sydney's good friend Hannah Ranco. A 'lovely girl' she met at her stiletto strut dance class on Tuesdays. Do they have a stiletto walk class? Anyway, this was shot at the Maine Dance Center in Raymond. It's in a strip mall...that's important. It's the shop to the far left.


To get the cool effects in the video, they used a fog machine. Well, that fog machine set off the fire alarms in the WHOLE MALL! The fire department came and had to air the place out with a reverse fan.

Yup...that is one hot song!



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