Scarborough's Samantha Ramsdell moved to try to make it big in New York City. But Covid changed her plans, and now she is a huge TikTok star.

Sam grew up in Scarborough and is super talented. She moved to Connecticut to be close to New York City to try her hand at comedy and singing. The timing was not her friend and she was sidelined by Covid. But right around that time TikTok was blowing up -- so she used what she had -- her ginormous mouth.

Samantha Ramsdell Facebook
Samantha Ramsdell Facebook

Yes. That is not a filter. That's her actual mouth. She can not only open it wide (like if you yawn) but she can open it wide -- which ... well, no one can do!

So she started making TikTok videos of eating things. Large things.

It is not only incredibly entertaining but wild! She was on the Ellen Degeneres Show in early March and she's just plugging along. She has placed all sorts of things in her giant pie-hole:

  • 15 Dunkin' munchkins
  • 2 large donuts
  • Chipotle burrito
  • ball of yarn
  • shot glass

You get the picture.

But what makes Sam so great is that she is funny! A little sassy and well, a self-proclaimed mouth professional. She encourages you NOT to try these crazy stunts. Samantha is in contact with the Guinness Book of World Records. She believes she has the current holder beaten hands down. Sam comes to Maine often to visit her friends and family in Scarborough. The next time she's in town, she's going to stop by.

We want to see if she can handle a Red's Eats 2-pound lobster roll? In one bite! Can she do it? Stay tuned...

Red's Eats Facebook
Red's Eats Facebook

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