Mainers are Good People

It's said repeatedly and probably will be until the end of time -- Mainers are some of the best humans on the planet.

Hell, it was less than two weeks ago that a total stranger invited a South Portland woman to his family's Thanksgiving after she asked about places to get a meal from since her husband was working and cooking an entire dinner would be too much in her third trimester.

Google Maps / Daniel @
Google Maps / Daniel @

Planet Fitness on Marginal Way

What started out as a regular day for Portlander Jasmyn Mordha turned into a situation where she needed to ask total strangers for help. And, in the most Maine thing ever, strangers were there to help her out.

While getting ready to hit the gym recently at Planet Fitness on Marginal Way in Portland, Jasmyn completely spaced on turning her headlights off. In a Facebook post to the Portland, Maine group, she mentioned they stayed on for about 30 minutes while she was getting ready.

Can anyone help with a jump, I was getting ready for the gym and didn't realize I left my headlights on for a half an hour....

Naturally, without even probably blinking an eye, multiple Mainers responded to her post and offered to help bail her out.

"Hey girl I’ll be back around in an hour. If you’re still stranded hit me up on messenger. I can ask Cali too for you hold on." - Jeanine Davis


"I can be there in about 15 minutes if no one else gets there sooner." - Mark Reilly

And, of course, like they seemingly always do, some Mainers also responded with some helpful advice.

"FWIW I'd say get a new battery real soon. If 30 minutes killed the battery to the point you need a jump then every cold night will do it as well." - Kirk Cameron


"Not that it will help you now but look into getting a Halo power pack it comes with jumper cables so you don’t need another car. I’ve used mine to jump a pickup truck with the touch of a button." - Jill Cariglia

But honestly, it's what Connie Blevins Sambrook commented that perfectly describes exactly the kind of people that Portlanders (and Mainers in general) truly are.

Portland people rock, do they not? Answering a distress call as people should.

Yes, Connie. Yes, they do. We all do.

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