In Maine the true spirit of giving continues well past Christmas. And for the goats at Smiling Hill Farms, they will be "happy until Summer arrives."

On my way to work After Christmas I usually will count the Christmas trees laying on the side of the road that people have thrown out, thinking to myself "don't they know about the goats at Smiling Hill Farm?" Maybe they do and just don't want to donate, but more than likely they haven't heard about recycling their old tree for the goats. Anyway, this year I only saw about 5 trees laying out. Hopefully word is getting out more and more about this.

Mainers donated their used Christmas trees to the working dairy farm in Westbrook, about 1,000 trees were recycled and will be enjoyed by the goats throughout the cold winter months.

Discarded Christmas Trees Await Collection From City For Mulching
Getty Images

There has been some worry if the pine needles are poisonous for the goats and the answer is no. The needles actually provide trace nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals and the goats absolutely love them!


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