As we surely but slowly pull out of the pandemic, we are hearing about all kinds of "quarantine projects." that people did to pass the time. The pandemic saw many of us try some new things. Many of us set "quarantine goals." Losing weight, learning a new skill, or stopping a bad habit. We found this amazing quarantine project on Reddit and had to share. The Quarantine Project? To run every street, trail, and alleyway on Portland's peninsula. If it was on Google Maps, and east of I-295, it had to be run. On March 16th, 2020, this person started. They finished it in May 2020. This is certainly one of the coolest pandemic projects we have seen. Well done u/guethlema!


Some fun facts of this incredible trek that we gleaned from the post on Reddit:

  • All the roads combined up to 162 miles.
  • The most interesting thing they ran by; a bunny pen AND a massive hen house in Portland's East End
  • Weirdest thing that happened?  "I saw a dog fight and got yelled at by a man in a wizard suit." Ok then...
  • The road you never knew even existed- Gold Street in the Old Port
  • Because this project was attempted right at the beginning of the pandemic, and even being outside was sketchy, the runner wore a mask.
  • What's this person's next challenge? To run ALL the trails in Acadia and Baxter State Parks. Wow!
  • The most fun road to run on?  Over Veterans Bridge

    Did you or someone you know accomplish something remarkable with their Pandemic Project? Let us know!  Email:




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