Did you know last week was Veterinary Technician Appreciation week?

Vet techs are a special breed. Some of them go so above and beyond for our fur babies it's incredible. I did a story a few months ago about an animal hospital in Rochester, New Hampshire, that writes families hand written notes when they lose a pet. I thought that was so heartwarming.

Haley Janoff who works at Mercy Animal Hospital in Merrimack, New Hampshire, shared the photo below on the u Local NH Facebook page.

Haley Janoff via Facebook
Haley Janoff via Facebook

Haley explained that the dog in the photo was recovering from surgery. In that moment, it felt right to lay on the floor with this sweet boy.

Times are tough for everyone right now. Animal hospitals are dealing with the influx of pets that were adopted during the pandemic. Often times pet owners aren't allowed in the facility and they have to wait in the car while their animals get treated. That isn't easy. But to know that your animals are being cared for by beautiful souls like Haley should give pet owners peace of mind.

She goes on to say:

"We thank you for your patience and continued kindness through this troubling time in our industry. thank you for trusting us with the most important things in your life. we promise they are safe with us"

Thanks to Haley and all of the hard working Vet Techs out there! You are appreciated more than you know.

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