Just the two simple words, "wedding planning," are stressful enough. Triggering, even. Between finding and securing a venue, a menu, a date, a DJ or band, a dress, the tuxes, the color theme, the florist, the photographer, the baker, the wedding party, the guest list -- the stresses are endless. Let alone when something goes wrong.

And according to Taylor Hall's post in the Portland, Maine group on Facebook last week, something definitely went wrong in the planning for her upcoming October wedding.

My fiancé and I are getting married in October, and we just had our baker ghost us! We are now in need of someone who can bake a small yet beautiful cake for our wedding, which will be shared solely between my fiancé and I, and a large order of cupcakes for the guests. Please, please help us out! We are located in Portland but our ceremony is in Cape Elizabeth!

To her credit, even though she was urged to in the comments section of her post, Taylor never mentioned who the previous baker she was dealing with was. That could bury a local business, something no one wants to see. And to the baker's credit, this is only one side of the story and perhaps an emergency situation popped up with the baker, hence the described ghosting.

Regardless of the situation involving Taylor and the baker, Mainers still came to Taylor and her fiancé's rescue, naming off numerous bakeries around the Portland and Cape Elizabeth area that could help save the day.

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