Like a lot of my bills, I have an automatic payment scheduled for my Spectrum account through my bank's bill pay system. My bill is always the same for Spectrum each month, so I have it automatically send for the same amount each month. I also get an email notification when my bill is ready and this month it was lower than it usually is.

I've been a little flighty with paying my bills lately. This month I accidently paid my CMP bill twice. At least next month's bill is taken care of. I thought I might have screwed up like that with my Spectrum bill too, because it was about $18 lower than usual. When I looked at the bill, I found this credit.

Spectrum Credit

Sports Program Credit? I didn't know what it was, but I'll take it. I did however do some Google research out of curiosity.

Every month as part your cable bill, you pay a fee for sports which goes to the networks that carry live sports. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the number of live games broadcast was not what it would be in a typical season, so cable operators received a refund for a portion of those fees and are giving that back to the customers.

According to, Verizon received the refunds and passed them on to their FIOS TV customers, but at the time of the article, had only received refunds from regional sports networks, like NESN. They expected more refunds to be issued in early 2021 from more sports broadcasters. Based on the credit on my bill, Spectrum has now followed suit with a credit of $17.73.

Your credit might vary depending on if you have sports channels that sent Spectrum refunds or it may be a same credit amount for all sort of thing. Spectrum has been pretty quiet about the details of this credit, so it may come as a surprise to customers, but now you know.

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