Let me make one thing clear -- the whole "unexpected" part of the headline of this article has nothing to do with shock of how good the food is at this place.

Portland, Maine Restaurants

At the end of the day, there is no restaurant or bar in Portland that doesn't hit an absolute grand slam when it comes to food. I mean this wholeheartedly -- so far, anytime I've either eaten at or picked up food from a Portland restaurant, it's been absolute fire.

That's the benefit of either living near or working in such a foodie city. And I'm a fluffy dude -- I love me some food and know it well. So that's why I'm confident in what I'm about to say.

Google Maps / Kevin Lanceplaine
Google Maps / Kevin Lanceplaine

There's a solid chance that you can find Maine's best chowder in Monument Square.

Monument Square Restaurants

The greatest part about working at One City Center is about 50 steps and you're surrounded by every possible kind of deliciousness there is with all the Monument Square restaurants.

Want a solid burger? Shay's Grill Pub is your place. Want to lean semi-healthy or fully healthy? Sisters Gourmet Deli has you covered. Need to quench your thirst? CERA's blood orange lemonade is lights out.

But the pick for best chowder may be an absolute sleeper until I tell you about it right now. Maybe it's the awning on the outside, or perhaps it's the dim lighting on the inside that makes it seem like the standouts on the menu would be more higher-end, classy items (balsamic and soy-glazed Brussels sprouts, for example.)

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Because if you ask me, David's Restaurant hands down has the best chowder.

I'm also not naive, I get that everyone's opinions and tastebuds are different. What one person loves, another person may not be big on. But I'm telling you, I've never tasted a chowder like the one I had at David's.

And I think it comes down to the not-so-secret ingredient. According to David's menu, one of the ingredients is brown sugar, and honestly, you might not think that would work in chowder (honestly, I was skeptical) but holy hell. It brings it to an elite level.

Feel free to sound off on where your favorite chowder is, but if you have a sweet tooth like me and love the mix of salty and sweet foods, don't sleep on David's chowder like I did. You'll be pleasantly surprised.

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