Here's an awesome beachside creation from Wells Beach found by the Wells Police Department.

Check it out. Egypt comes to Wells!

The "Beach Ambassadors" from the Wells PD are out in force this summer keeping people safe and social-distancing. Along the way, they have come across some pretty cool beachy pieces of art.

This epic one from this week comes from the Branch Family.

Yes, the Sphinx and Pyramids are cool, but my favorite part is all the mini-castles ( or are they trees?) that surround the scene.


Here was their first sandcastle creation earlier in the week.

Does anybody out there on Maine beaches want to go for a World Record?

According to the people at Guinness, he tallest sandcastle is 57 feet, 11 inches.. Hey, we this is doable! Maine already set a World Record for the tallest snowperson.

Let's get the title for Summer games as well as the Winter games!



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