Bob is out in California and he's learning all sorts of stuff.


I love Bob Marley, the 'King of Comedy' who lives in Falmouth, Maine. He's now out in California. After he complains about barkless trees and guessing wrong what trees are - he learns something that well, upsets him.


Bob hasn't let a little pandemic slow him down. He is doing shows (of course he's following all safety protocols - don't start complaining). You can find out where to catch a show here.

I was going to say if you aren't familiar with Bob's comedy, but if you are a Mainer...of course you are familiar. His brand of humor and how he can make the mundane hysterical is only matched by how unbelieveabley nice he is. It's probably why he's still doing comedy shows for damn near 30 years.

Can't wait to see what else Bob learns out in California. Good lord, what if he sees an avocado tree?



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