There has been so much outpouring of support for the victims and families of the tragedy in Lewiston, Maine, not just from the people who live there, but from all over the United States and parts of the world. Everyone wants to do what they can, including many local businesses here in Maine.

CLYNK has been handling bottle redemption at Hannaford Supermarkets. For those unfamiliar with CLYNK, you buy inexpensive bags to put your empties in and put a tag with a barcode on the bag that links it to your CLYNK account. Afterwards, you drop the bag off in a container in the Hannaford parking lot, and your account is credited for the amount of the deposit in the bag. You can then cash it out at a Hannaford register.

On Tuesday, CLYNK sent a message to their customers on what they are doing to help:

To Our CLYNK Community,

As many of you know, the City of Lewiston, Maine was rocked by a mass shooting event on October 25, 2023. The impact of this event has sent ripples across our home state of Maine, the country at large and our entire CLYNK community, as this tragedy has touched so many.


CLYNK was started with a firm conviction that we could do well by doing good, and we’ve discovered that our conviction was as essential as it was true. CLYNKers are known for doing the right thing! By recycling your redeemable containers, you help our planet every day. And, if you’ve participated in our CLYNK to Give program, you have helped thousands of charities and causes as well.


Today, we are providing our CLYNK community in Maine and New York the ability to help those in Lewiston directly impacted by this tragedy through the We Stand with Lewiston Fund. The purpose of this fund will be to aid those directly impacted by the mass shooting with financial assistance for funeral or medical related expenses.


As a CLYNK account holder, you have the unique opportunity to direct all or part of your redemption funds in support of the We Stand with Lewiston Fund. As our show of support, CLYNK is honored to commit $10,000 to the We Stand With Lewiston Fund and if you wish to donate as well, please follow the steps below.

That's pretty awesome. If you'd like to donate from your CLYNK account, click the donate button in the CLYNK app in the upper left corner, type in “We Stand with Lewiston Fund”, and then choose the amount you'd like to donate. If you don't have an account, sign up at

CLYNK has been a big supporter of local charities since they began, and this is just another one of those ways they are helping out Mainers.

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